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Gibbs Day: A Festival of Pseudoscience

On February 21, 1822--that auspicious day sandwiched between the official Washington's Birthday and the true date of Washington's birth--a scientist

Some Should Not Be Heard

A CLOSE ENCOUNTER of the third kind--direct contact with an alien, Well, not exactly, but Immanuel Velikovksy's idea of a

Kissinger to Address Niemans At Meeting in Boston Tonight

Henry A. Kissinger '50, former Secretary of State, will address the triennial Nieman Convocation in Boston tonight. Three hundred and

Charming Cantata

T HEY WERE YOUNG and rather average looking. Three men, three women. Only one among them had a well-trained singing

Losing Through Insemination

It was gambling on horses. But we called it racing.... to make it profitable was more than a full-time job

Civil Disobedience at Seabrook

Seabrook, New Hampshire is a town of 5700 people situated on the Atlantic coast just north of Massachusetts. In August

Hart, Cousteau Talk Oil, Water

A crowd of 700 jammed the Harvard Law School Forum last night to hear oceanographer Jacques Cousteau call for international