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Havard Official Apologizes For Letter, Reiterates Position on Homosexuality

The University official whose letter in last week's Independent prompted a series of reactions from the gay community to his

Debate in Hussain Trial Halted While Judge Reviews Evidence

Testimony is expected to resume today in the trial of former Harvard affiliate Dr Arif Hussains, after a day and

Dershowitz Asks Redgrave to Debate

Alan M Dershowitz, professor of Law, yesterday challenged actress and political activist Vanessa Redgrave to debate "anything, anywhere and anytime."

Phi Beta Kappa Elects Juniors; Graduation Orators Announced

The Phi Beta Kappa honor society elected 20 juniors to join its ranks recently. Eight women were elected to the

Seniors Select Student Orators For Class Day

Michael R. Mills '82, Elizabeth D. Kalodner '82, and George Melrod '82 will deliver the traditional Class Day Orations this