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Turkey at The Union; The Show Must Go On

My roommate spent Thanksgiving in a leotard. The problem wasn't that she hadn't done her laundry in weeks (bringing it

In Her Own Image

T HE "PROBLEM OF THE POOR" provided the main drama for the middle class of late Victorian England. To ignore

Mistakes to Enjoy

Like an innocent man wrongly accused of a crime, most of the characters in most of the plays being produced


When Henry D. Thoreau refused to pay his poll tax one year in protest of the Mexican-American War, he was

The Emperor's New Clothes

I N PREVIOUS centuries, they were pleased to be known as dandies. Wearing only the latest fashions, using only the


The playwright Jean Giradoux had a knack for treating heavy philosophical subjects in a light way. In L'Apollo de Bellac,

Grand Delusions

H ISTORIANS DELUDE THEMSELVES. Chroniclers of crowded battlefields claim to be citing causes, all the while knowing that they can


Judging from a sample of its dialogue, Passing Strangers, the original musical opening at Adams House this weekend, can find


What happens when a psychiatrist tries to cover up his attempted seduction of a prospective secretary from a psychonalyst who