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Rethinking the Way Harvard Treats Date Rape

College officials say that the Administrative Board is on the verge of establishing a new policy on date rape. Well,

Radcliffe: In 12 Pages or Less

With an expanded fundraising office and a clear sense of purpose, Radcliffe officials say they are preparing to tackle a

Bunting Institute Hosts Int'l Peace Conference

A new kind of peace movement needs to spring up in the United States, one which emphasizes domestic economic reform

Radcliffe to Introduce New Hotline for Women

Students and administrators at Radcliffe College are putting together a new computer database to collect all the information related to

U.S. Will Investigate HUPD

The Federal Department of Labor will investigate allegations that the hiring process of the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) discriminates

Feminist Journal Leads To Emotional Reactions

More than 50 students and several tutors met Saturday afternoon in the Agassiz Ballroom to discuss their reactions to The

Jamaican Leader Urges Reform

Women need to dismantle the male control over Caribbean state institutions and make women's issues a top priority, a prominent

Blacks Discuss Experiences

Participants in a panel discussion yesterday on the experience of Black women undergraduates at Harvard celebrated Henry L. Gates Jr.'s

Political Scholars to Examine, Criticize Democracy in America

In recent years a tide of democracy has swept over Eastern Europe, through Latin America, and has even touched nations

Bringing Experts and Legislators Together

To William C. Clark, assistant director of the Center for Science and International Affairs, developing a policy on the environment

K-School Students Form New Minority Coalition

Consolidating several affirmative action movements, 30 minority students at the Kennedy School of Government formed a new group yesterday to

Nadja Gould: Counsellor's Counsellor Hits Crises Head On

Nadja Gould sits in her peaceful blue office at University Health Services, her trademark silver bun piled high on her

Blarney or Brilliance?

The German professor, gesturing broadly from behind the podium, maintains that the essence of the creative production, be it the

New Orientation Week Meeting to Focus On Social Issues in Addition to Plagiarism

College administrators plan to cut back their discussion of academic honesty at a mandatory meeting for first-year students next fall

Possible Webster Link Found

Another chapter was added to the nine-year old mystery of Joan L. Webster this week, when police uncovered a body