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Six Ways to Survive

Like almost everything else at Harvard, Freshman Week depends a lot on how you approach it. You and about 1600

A World Gone Berserk

I N THE YEAR 73 A.D. a group of Canaanites held down the last stronghold of resistance against the inevitably

No Future For Savages

S AVAGES is a doughnut--there's plenty around the edges but not too much in the middle. Sometimes flimsy plots demand

Lady Luck Rolls Again

I T TAKES either Chutzpah or childlike innocence to put on a production of Guys and Dolls. After all, this

Royals Crown Yankees, 10-4; Even A.L. Playoffs at One-All

Sixteen once again proved to be the magic number in Kansas City yesterday as the Royals roared back to life

The Same After 19 Years

D OCUMENTARY FILMS tend to date very badly. Within a few months, if not a few weeks, the subject has

Your Friendly Neighborhood Nuke

W HEN THE AWESOME threat of nuclear power first reared its deadly head in the mid '40s, it scared the

Night of the Kings

O N TUESDAY NIGHT, most of Massachusetts thought about the unexpected primary dump of Governor Dukakis, but the opening night

The Critic On Stage

"...he knew that whatever his talent was--some combination of drives, feelings, ways of seeing, and ways of saying--it must be

While You Were Away ...

Officials announced that the Harvard College Fund Drive for 1978 raised a record $6.31 million, surpassing its goal by $60,000.

Welcome to Freshman Week--How About a Game of Catch?

Okay. You've spent a week packing up all your belongings, tearfully saying goodbye to your boy/girl friend (as the case

Down But Not Out at Harvard

W HEN I ARRIVED at Harvard in the fall of 1975, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I

Harvard Publications: The Good, the Bad and the Silly

As you will notice within about three hours of your arrival in Cambridge, Harvard boasts a lot of ambitious people

Missing the Mark, Italian Style

E VERY NOW AND THEN a film comes along that arouses a good deal of disagreement among both critics and

College the Way It Should Have Been

O NCE UPON A TIME, not too many years ago, the Harvard Lampoon had a bunch of writers who were