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Website Satirizes Senior Gift Plus

A group of seniors launched a satirical website called last weekend, mocking the recent Senior Gift Plus campaign which

Square Chessmaster Anything but Pawn

Murray M. Turnbull is sitting in a chair in front of his family’s Christmas tree, watching a game of chess

Opera Scholar to Join Faculty

Carolyn Abbate, an opera scholar known for combining the study of music with other disciplines, will join Harvard’s music department

HRL Runs Drive for Abortion Refund

Harvard Right to Life (HRL) began a drive on Monday to encourage students to request a small but symbolic refund

Students To Deliver Late Eats

Food from two of Harvard students’ favorite late-night restaurants, Pinocchio’s Pizza and Subs and Felipe’s Taqueria, will be available for

Alcohol Admits Double at Game

In spite of increased efforts to improve student safety at the Harvard-Yale tailgate this year, the number of students transported

College Dems Look

Close to 130 Harvard College Democrats elected a new slate of leaders Wednesday night—and despite the beating Democrats took nationally

Prefect Program Budget Balloons

Dean of the College Benedict H. Gross ’71 agreed on Tuesday to set aside $5,000 in additional funding for the

Hundreds Pledge to Fast for World Hunger

In order to draw attention to starvation worldwide, The Harvard Islamic Society (HIS) has organized a Fast-a-thon for today timed

Tuition Increases At Slower Rate

Tuition increased 6 percent for private universities and 10.5 percent for public universities since last year, according to a report

Radcliffe Professor, Writer Dies At 100

Hope Hale Davis, a writer, lifelong feminist and Radcliffe professor, died of pneumonia on Saturday at Wingate at Brighton physical


Because Saturday night brought defeat to Hal Ulen's swimmers at the hands of a few capable lads from New Jersey,

Crimson Tankmen Scuttle Big Green Aquatic Forces

At the beginning of the current swimming seasons four teams were designated as major threats to Harvard's tank forces. Dartmouth,


Harvard's swimming team, as even the most indifferent skimmer of the sports pages may gather, is a pretty good one.

Swimmers Crush Springfield 59 to 16; Gymnast Rawstrom Cracks 220 Record

Springfield's Hurry Rawstrom broke the New England Intercollegiate swimming Association record for the 220 yesterday afternoon as his team lost