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Repercussions in Cross-casting

After Adam Pachter maintained in a Crimson On Arts review that he found the casting of two Black characters in

Flat Agents of a Class

A TOWN in southeastern Connecticut has earned the stereotype of being ridiculously wealthy and old world. There is an annual

Exploring the Upper Class: Stillman's Work Promising

Metropolitan, the new low-budget film produced by Harvard graduate Whit Stillman, was something of a curiosity when it opened this

Finally, a Horror Film That Is Well-Made

It is a commonly acknowledged truth that horror films are not well made. Usually they feature screams for dialogue, vapid

Havel Jollies Along Fish and Audience Alike

The Harvard-Radcliffe Summer Theater recently garnered acclaim for being the first Boston theater troupe to stage any work by playwright

Graham Named Tennis Coach

The Harvard athletic department yesterday announced that it has named Gordon Graham the new women's varsity tennis coach, ending its

Council Votes to Limit Parking

The Cambridge City Council last night agreed to restrict and regulate commercial parking, as part of an interim agreement that

Friendy Ghost is Spoof, Not Spook

The promotional material for the greatly publicized Ghost calls the movie startling. Startling maybe if you've never seen sap running

Harvard Scholars Win `Genius' Awards

Two Harvard scholars--a mathematician who emigrated from the Soviet Union and a scientist credited with discovering the "Great Wall" in