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The Dismal Science?

In 1970, public confidence in the ability of economists to guide government to uninterrupted propserity was so high that the

Talking Up Women's Studies

Have you talked about women's studies today? Probably not--and that is the problem, according to women's studies supporters on campus.

The Starving and the Poor

J OHN KENNETH GALBRAITH has always presented himself as a loner, a maverick among economists. Disdained by the economics establishment,

Scot and Lot

T HE SCENE: St. Andrews University Scotland, during a typically damp, gray Scottish summer in 1974. Having bribed their parents

Guess Who's Coming To Class--Maybe?

Students may well get to see a bit more of senior Faculty members in tutorials if the Faculty passes the

Mathematics Core Tests Will Start

Although the mathematics requirement of the Core Curriculum will not go into effect until 1980, the Math Department will give

Faculty May Tighten Advanced Standing

Mack I. Davis, director of advanced standing, said yesterday he will recommend to the Faculty Council that students be required

Faculty Hears Three Reports About Finances and Teaching

Although many members left before the end of the meeting, the Faculty met yesterday to hear reports on this year's

Faculty to Meet Today To Debate Teaching Skills

The full Faculty will begin discussion today of the report of the Task Force on Pedagogical Improvement, completed over two