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Fun Is What It's All About

The platinum blonde half-Asian sprite with the thick granny glasses is flouncing his way down Mount Auburn Street, smoking cloves,

How About Some University in the University?

O NCE AGAIN, our country has lurched into a crisis. So once again, it's time for America's blowhards to start

The End of Unprotected Interfacing

"In the room the women come and go Talking of Michelangelo..."--T.S. Eliot N OT JUST WOMEN, T.S. Men are talking

Lotts of Fun in Las Vegas

Up Your Ante By David Javerbaum and Chip Rossetti Music by Randall Eng At The Hasty Pudding Y OU DON'T

Father of the Bride--A Remake With Remade Message

O H, THOSE NAUGHTY EIGHTIES. The John DeLorean-Stealth Bomber-Dynasty-Gordon Gekko-Material Girl-Black Monday-Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous-SDI-Ivan Boesky-Trump Tower-Trump Palace-Trump

JFK: The Untold Story

JFK was not Jesus Christ--although they both did have powerful daddies. I HANDED the application to Keith W. Light, a

The Lost Wednesday

I DON'T KNOW who Paul Cowan is, or was, but I do know that on November 25, 1959, he wrote

I'm Wasingerelemontic

A LL HAIL HARVARD'S new expert on homosexuality. His name is Robert K. Wasinger '93, and while he admits he

Playing the Blame Game

Q UIZ TIME, boys and girls. Some background info: The Boston Red Sox didn't win the American League East this