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The Horror, The Horror: The Return of Bruno

Joe's phone rings. "Is Joe there?" a nauseatingly friendly but totally unfamiliar voice inquires. "This is Joe." "Jooooe! Duuuude! Howya

Fun Is What It's All About

The platinum blonde half-Asian sprite with the thick granny glasses is flouncing his way down Mount Auburn Street, smoking cloves,

How About Some University in the University?

O NCE AGAIN, our country has lurched into a crisis. So once again, it's time for America's blowhards to start

The End of Unprotected Interfacing

"In the room the women come and go Talking of Michelangelo..."--T.S. Eliot N OT JUST WOMEN, T.S. Men are talking

Lotts of Fun in Las Vegas

Up Your Ante By David Javerbaum and Chip Rossetti Music by Randall Eng At The Hasty Pudding Y OU DON'T

Father of the Bride--A Remake With Remade Message

O H, THOSE NAUGHTY EIGHTIES. The John DeLorean-Stealth Bomber-Dynasty-Gordon Gekko-Material Girl-Black Monday-Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous-SDI-Ivan Boesky-Trump Tower-Trump Palace-Trump

JFK: The Untold Story

JFK was not Jesus Christ--although they both did have powerful daddies. I HANDED the application to Keith W. Light, a

The Lost Wednesday

I DON'T KNOW who Paul Cowan is, or was, but I do know that on November 25, 1959, he wrote

I'm Wasingerelemontic

A LL HAIL HARVARD'S new expert on homosexuality. His name is Robert K. Wasinger '93, and while he admits he

Playing the Blame Game

Q UIZ TIME, boys and girls. Some background info: The Boston Red Sox didn't win the American League East this

Lame, Lame, Lame

D AVID A. ARONBERG '93 promised to be an Undergraduate Council "cheerleader." Steven N. Kalkanis '93 said he would be

Theater. Reality. Babes.

My name is Mike, and I watch Studs. I know, I know. Studs is not exactly high art. Basically, two

George Bush and the Seven Dwarves

He can have sex with Donna Rice, Jessica Hahn, Bob Dole. He can nuke Yugoslavia, legalize slavery, give ourselves back

Are You Bored? I'm Bored.

W EIRD IS FINE by me. Obnoxious is OK, too. I'm also basically tolerant of arrogant, exasperating, condescending and offensive.

...Meanwhile In Boston, The Biggest News Was Still the Sox

A few grisly murders. A lot of economic nightmares. The annual August tease at Fenway Park. Brutally hot weather. Ungodly