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Rachmaninoff, With Tusks

The Bach Society Orchestra makes its first appearance of the season this Saturday evening, as usual not playing anything by

On Pitch: A Patchwork Preview

Classical music in and around Harvard this year promises to be even better than last, especially because of the number

Bows But No Scrapes As the Bach Soc. Bows Out

Classical music recitals continue through the summer in Cambridge and Boston, but many local performing groups are giving their last

The Glee Club's Bach, but the HRO's in Haydn

The Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra has shown a great deal of growth and improvement since last year, particularly in its most recent

And Now For A Couple of Offbeat Downbeats

What is to be done if the emphasis in concert is almost always on composers dating before World War II

Reverie at Sanders

T HE TENDENCY to perform an orchestral work as if it were simply a group of arbitrary, colorless sounds is

A Chang of Pace

An interesting variety of nineteenth and twentieth century works is being offered this week in concerts in Cambridge and Boston.

Here To Fray, Gone Tomorrow

If you think the best way to prepare for exams or recuperate from them is to hear some standard classical

Classical Listings

AT HARVARD "Quadrivium," a consort of early music, directed by Marleen Montgomery, will perform in the Thursday Noon Recital Series,