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Aesthetic Affirmative Action

Four years ago, when I was entering Harvard College, affirmative action programs had just been dismantled in the University of


Harvard Fails Female Students

Four years ago, I was admitted to Harvard-Radcliffe College. In a few short weeks, I will become a Harvard graduate.


The Value of Education

I am about to graduate $7,000 in debt, so these days I frequently think about money and my education. At


Bush Muddles the Mideast

When I was in Cairo this summer, the Arab Street was busy. The bazaars bustled with shoppers and the bikers


Arguing Abortion, Responsibly

This week the Institute of Politics (IOP) began a study group on abortion entitled, “Abortion: The Legal and Political Landscape.”


The Right To Strike

Striking has a long and venerable history in America, and though union membership has shrunk in the last few decades,


The Humanities at Harvard

Goodbye, Jeremy Knowles. Hello, who? Between now and June, President Lawrence H. Summers will probably announce who will take Jeremy


Inescapable Obligations

It makes me sick leaving for Harvard for the holidays knowing that as soon as I take off, the administration


Taking Life By the Handlebars

Yesterday I saw a biker on DeWolfe Street talking to the driver of a car next to him. “Why did


From Burqa to Voting Booth

Three summers ago, as an intern at the Feminist Majority Foundation, I cut out little squares of blue mesh fabric,


What You Can Do For the World

Some historians speculate that the Cold War contributed to the rise of the Civil Rights Movement. During the Cold War,


Imagining Global Democracy

Every day I read the newspapers, hoping to learn something more about this war, this total war, this war against


Winning the War on Censorship

The war goes on. It is “every day, every night,” as President George W. Bush said, “unrelentingly.” Only we hear


Operation Infinitely Invisible

Whatever happened to Operation Infinite Justice? When President George W. Bush spoke last week his vague rhetoric was acceptable, because


What To Do With Afghanistan?

Everywhere you can see we are preparing for war. We have given blood for the wounded. We have begun signing