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Time to Rally

I spent the better part of three years as a reporter for The Crimson covering the Progressive Student Labor Movement

Mock Pageant Held to Criticize Labor Practices

Yesterday's public protest for a living wage, Neil Rudenstine's Christmas in Jail, depicted University President Neil L. Rudenstine as a

Kennedy Victorious, Dems Gain Seats in Senate

BOSTON--Victories by a deceased governor and the current first lady paced the Democratic drive to make significant gains in the

New Harvard Initiatives Will Aid Community

Harvard is poised to undertake a series of major community initiatives in Boston and Cambridge, pledging to commit the financial


The Boston real estate market is hot. First-class universities, cultural institutions and rapidly expanding computer and biotechnology sectors are attracting

Sweatshop Report Paints Bleak Picture

The University released a major report examining worldwide labor conditions in the apparel industry Friday, and the findings are bleak.

Apparel Factory Report Due After Year-Long Probe

Harvard and four other universities will announce the findings of a major joint report on worldwide apparel manufacturing today, said

It Takes Two: Harvard and Cambridge Forget Their Differences and Unite to Build Affordable Housing

Putting aside months of tension, representatives of the University and the city of Cambridge met yesterday to celebrate the purchase

Splintered Partnership: Harvard, City Spar Publicly

Harvard and Cambridge have grown up together. For 364 years, they have shared the same patch of land by the

Stymied By Secrecy

For 13 months, the University did nothing--or at least it appeared that way. Members of the Progressive Student Labor Movement

University Negotiator for Union to Resign

Director of Labor and Employee Relations Kim A. Roberts '78, the lead University negotiator for union contracts and a staff

White House Whiz Kid: Kissinger Serves World But Leaves Harvard Behind

Though it is now more than two decades since Henry A. Kissinger '50 left his job as Richard M. Nixon's

Affleck, Damon Join Campaign for Living Wage

Actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon blasted Harvard for not paying all its workers a living wage, returning to their

Affleck, Damon Speak at Living Wage Rally

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Class of 1992, blasted Harvard for not paying its workers a living wage at a

Dope Will Hunting

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Class of 1992, blasted Harvard for not paying its workers a living wage at a