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Iowa to Cast Decisive Caucus Vote Today

Presidential candidates are aiming their final blitz of handshakes and media appearances at undecided voters in the Iowa caucuses. Today

Gay Rights Bill Still in Limbo

Although the Massachusetts Senate yesterday rejected a motion to discharge the proposed Gay Rights Bill from committee--which would expedite the

Gay Rights Bill Nears Approval

A controversial gay rights bill moved one step closer to becoming Massachsetts law when the state Senate decided yesterday to

Dukakis Boasts National Revenue Collection Plan

While all the Democratic presidential candidates have made the need for an improved economy and reducing the budget deficit key

Jackson Strategy: A Shift

In an attempt to broaden his political appeal the Rev. Jesse Jackson this year is stressing questions of "economic violence"

Murphy Prepares State for Year 2000

Lieutenant Governor Evelyn F. Murphy is developing a plan to anticipate and reduce problems that could develop in Massachusetts by

Duke Is Way Up In New Hampshire's Polls

Democratic and Republican party presidential candidates have spread money, staff, and themselves all over New Hampshire, but little is certain

Gov. Dukakis Assesses The National Economy

In his first address on the United States economy since the stock market collapse, democratic presidential candidate Gov. Michael S.

State Legislators Propose Child Care Linkage Bill

The state legislature will soon vote on a controversial child care linkage bill that requires developers to provide space or

Energy Issues Emerge in '88 Race

Mounting tensions in the oil-rich Persian Gulf and the nation's increasing dependency on foreign oil have pushed energy issues into

Duke Campaign Makes Strong Showing

As money pours in and candidates leave, Gov. Michael S. Dukakis is well on his way to becoming the front-runner

Brown University Dean Charged With Lewd, Lascivious Behavior

Brown University Dean of Fresh-men and Sophomores was put on probation for a year after being charged with "open and

Duke's Health Plan Contested

Gov. Michael S. Dukakis's proposed plan to guarantee affordable health care to every citizen in the commonwealth has met with

Winning the Numbers Game at the State House

"We have a joke that there are more Harvard men than Republicans in the State House," says State Rep. Forrester

Examining Pomp and Policy

Amidst the proud festivities at Harvard's 350th anniversary celebration last fall a group of graduate students, prompted by what they