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A Tale Of Two Israels

The assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by a rightwing extremist was not intended as a symbolic act. Yigal

Reflecting on a Hero's Death

P rime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of Israel is buried today in the hills of Jerusalem. He was born in Jerusalem

West 'Brackets' Morality

I suppose there are those out there who found Professor Cornel West's apology for his participation in the Million Man

Moral Certitude Isn't Easy

John Paul II did not need to stage a Million Man March in order to solidify his claim to spiritual

Post-Partisan George

In politics, as in poetry, tone is fundamental. Citizens expect their governments not only to govern, but to do so

Why Do We Point To Arabs?

It will be some time before federal authorities determine conclusively who was responsible for Wednesday afternoon's gruesome bombing at the

Foreign Policy, At Last

Conoco's decision this week to cancel a potentially lucrative oil deal with Iran bodes well for American business and American

Peninsula Fails Its Audience

There is much to say for the idea of a campus conservative journal. Sanctimonious liberal hypocrisy still prevents Harvard from

Trying to Teach Creativity

Call me a philistine, a Cambridge Newt-onian. I am upset by the headline in last week's Crimson which announced that