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It is unfortunate this issue of Mosaic is so late. Many students have left Cambridge and will miss the latest

The Harvard Conservative

I have always considered the Harvard Conservative a junior version of the National Review. The defining trait of the latter

The Eleanor Roosevelt Story

Two weeks ago, Bosley Crowther called The Eleanor Roosevelt Story the best documentary ever made. For perhaps the first time


Several months ago, when I last reviewed Mosaic, there was really no magazine to review. A near-random collection of unrelated

"Which Side Are You On?"

They say in Alabama No neutrals do you 'mark. You either are a freedom fighter Or a "tom" for Sheriff

The Social Studies Program

The Social Studies Program began five years ago as a coalition of malcontents, led by Alexander Gerschenkron, professor of Economics,

Employees Settle Union Squabble; BGMA Selected

The employees of the Building and Grounds Department voted Thursday to retain the Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Association (BGMA) as

Finley Affirms Faith In Gen Ed, Attacks Constable Proposal

"By speaking up for General Education, I'm beginning to feel like Harry Truman defending the New Deal," John H. Finley,

Door to 'Closed Society' Is Opening, Ole Miss Professor Informs Forum

James Silver, author of the bestselling Mississippi: The Closed Society, last night suggested that "my state just might be opening

The New Republic

Hubert Humphrey once characterized the wise Senator as "one who reads the New Republic frequently and takes its advice not

A 'New' Democratic Party Stages Victory Celebration

WASHINGTON, D.C., Nov. 3--A new Democratic party was born tonight. This once rancous, irreverent, and factions coalition has become the

"Softshoe and Cigars"

Fifteen years ago, California politics was floating through an era of constructive good feeling. Governor Earl Warren had spread his

The Civil Rights Act of 1963

To Senator Richard Russell of Georgia, the Civil Rights Act of 1963 means "the beginning of the end of Constitutional

Liberal Retreat

Liberals are reacting to Governor Wallace's coup in Wisconsin with an optimism bordering on the quixotic. James Farmer of CORE

Bill Higgs

Eight years ago Mississipian Bill Higgs graduated from Harvard Law School with modest grades, unpretentious ambitions, and an unshaken faith