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Playing It

P LAY IT AS IT LAYS follows Maria Wyeth, an occasional actress and part-time wife of director Carter Lang, on

Personal Histories, Collective Shame

T HE SORROW AND THE PITY is an immense and truly extraordinary testimonial to humanity's infinite potential to do good

Silent Laughter and Melancholy

T HERE EXISTS a special group of film comedies that make us laugh so hard our faces hurt afterwards. As

Directing Brel: Monomania & Other Virtues

(Brel played its four-day run this past weekend. Today's article was originally scheduled for Friday; due to a reading period

Ten Little Indians

W HEN I was eight years old, seeing Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians kept me awake for a week, listening

Unexpurgated Kong

I N APRIL 7, 1933, King Kong opened at New York's Roxy Theater: the movie's gorilla hero, Kong, became an


I N 1968 Jan Kadar was in the midst of shooting a movie when the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia scattered


D irty Harry may well be the ultimate Hollywood movie about cops and killers. Its hero, the quintessence of the

Revolution and Other Fantasies

I n Without Marx or Jesus, a Succes de scandale in France and a best seller stateside, Jean-Francois Revel proposes