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Inoffensive Offense

HANOVER, N.H.--Finally, things were coming together for the Harvard offensive unit. Taking over on its own 3-yard line late in

Exposing a Closed-Minded U.S. Fan to Aussie Sports

Sunday is Grand Final Day. You know, it's the BIG ONE, for all the marbles, the championship game. No, I

Year of Women's Athletics

When/if women's athletics attains an equivalent status with men's athletics at Harvard University, 1989-90 will be remembered as the turning

Hording Winning Goals

The Harvard women's lacrosse team trailed an opponent three times late in games this year. Temple, Loyola and Maryland all

A Sad Sports Fan Returns to Reality

Sports is a fantasy world, a release for so many Americans from the rigors of day-to-day modern society. Let's face

NIT-Picking Time

NEW HAVEN--This is no time for NIT-picking. Yes, there were "NIT" banners at Yale's Payne Whitney Gym urging that tournament's

Nailbiters Are No Longer the Norm For Crimson

Call them the "Kardiac Kids" no more. Last year, nailbiters were the norm for the Harvard men's basketball team. Sixteen

And Now a Word From New Jersey

Somewhere deep in the heart of New Jersey, Princeton men's basketball Coach Pete Carril will be snickering today when he

You Should Know Better...

NEW HAVEN--It all starts with the rim--the big blue band just above ground where a stadium should be. But you