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The Collins Case: Repression and the Draft

T HE CASE OF WALTER COLLINS, a black activist thrown in jail for resisting the draft, has not received the

Nixon's Trip: Wrap Up

W HILE PAT Nixon was swapping Musk oxen for Panda bears and sampling the cuisine in the kitchen of the

Herrnstein Once Again

1. If differences in mental abilities are inherited, and 2. if success requires those abilities, and 3. if earnings and

Sailors Win New England Singles

Sailing in International Twelve-Foot Dinghies at the U. S. Coast Guard Academy over the weekend, skipper Tim Black with crew

Sailors Breeze By Tufts Sails

The weekend Harvard sailors captured the McMillan cup by a narrow one point margin over Tufts. The victory returns the

'Cliffies Win in Sailing, Losses Plaque Harvard

Sailing on the Charles River at MIT, Radcliffe sailors breezed through the competition to take the Man-Labs Trophy by 30

Nixon's Trip: The China Puzzle

P resident Nixon's announcement of his intention to go to Peking unleashed lavish press speculation on the changing foreign policies

CUBA'S WOES Fidel's Sugar- Ups and Downs of Revolution

GUERRILLAS IN POWER K. S. Karol Hill and Wang; 1970 550 pp.; $12.50 CUBA: SOCIALISM AND DEVELOPMENT Rene Dumont Grove

Books Empire and Revolution

IT'S AN OLD cliche to say that we live in confusing times. But it is no help when history books