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Despair in Brooklyn

A PHOTOGRAPH IN LAST Thursday's New York Times showed James Sinkler after hearing that his son, Tyrone, was one of

Mick in the Movies

Mick Jagger is back after a long absence from the film world. The man who remains at the very heart

Sham and Grist

T HE POPULAR PERCEPTION of the William Kennedy Smith murder trial is that the television cameras are making a circus

OFA: A Real Jerk

death. it defies the soul. but in the spirit of its absurdity it lingers it labors it languishes piercing through

This Doorman Doesn't Hold Doors

R einaldo Arenas' book, The Doorman, bears some resemblance to the popular Ray Bradbury work The Martian Chronicles. Both satirize

35-Year-Old Sophomore Gordon Fauth Juggles Yet Another Experience: College Life

As he stands in the Square waiting to get his picture taken, Gordon M. Fauth '93 has to be reminded


Certainly Not Many of Harvard's Couples, Whose Attachments Suggest That the College's True Social Organizations Are Neither Fraternities Nor Final

David Layzer: Teaching Science Through Prose or Poetry, But Not Equations

About a month ago, Menzel Professor of Astrophysics David R. Layzer '47 phoned Lou LaRocca '92 and asked the Cabot

Distinctly Southern Melancholy

S PORTS novels seem to fall into two central categories: those which describe a great triumph or defeat and those

It's Muzak to My Ears

I T WAS hot, my head was pounding and crippling cramps ran through my legs. Near fainting from fatigue and

Law Students Picket Interviews

A small group of law students yesterday protested a campus visit by a recruiter from a law firm accused of

Clark Says $31 Million Raised

Law School Dean Robert C. Clark, appearing comfortable and confident in his first public forum this year, revealed that donors

Students Send Postcards To U.S. Troops in Gulf

The Harvard Republican Club this week extended its hands from the steps of Widener to the battlefields of the Middle

Who Can Read in the Summertime?

Perhaps one of the most time-honored traditions is the summer reading list, and my prep school was probably the number

The Last of the Lot

I T was the seventh game of the 1977 World Series, an event that had come from out of nowhere