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Alastair Reid

"I live by writing and curiosity." A man to be found asking penetrating questions in untraveled places, Alastair Reid, the

P.R. System Wins by 455 Votes; Sullivan, Crane Unofficially Elected in Council Balloting

The voters of Cambridge have endorsed the system of Proportional Representation by the slim majority of 455 ballots. The official

Cambridge Residents Go to Polls Today To Cast Votes on New City Council, PR

Today the voters of Cambridge will cast their ballots to elect a new City Council and School Committee and to

Council Argues Size of City Departments

Councilor Alfred E. Vellucci made by far the most noise yesterday at a City Council meeting where several Councilors tried

Political Pedagogy

Apart from the usual cry about electing Joe Smith for good (or better) government, an absence of real issues has

By Way of Introduction

This is a time of atonement in Cambridge--atonement for other people's alleged sins. It is the time of the voting

The Genial Grafter

The genial grafter, long a strategic, if not an integral part of Massachusetts politics, has come in for an unprecedented

Vellucci Attempts to Locate City Clerk

Councillor Alfred E. Vellucci yesterday conducted a one man investigation into the existence of the Cambridge City Clerk. Vellucci doubted

Promoter Arouses Harvard Concern

A Boston entrepreneur's campaign to develop high rise apartments on land partially owned by the University has begun to cause

Only a Few Undergraduates Manage to Break Student-City Barriers

In many American university communities there persists a personal antagonism between students and residents. That a significant number of Harvard

City Passes Parking Ordinance; DeGuglielmo Scores Consultants

The City Council yesterday passed, 6 to 3, a new parking ordinance and heard Councilor Joseph A. DeGuglielmo '29 strongly

Volpe Signs Legislation To Obtain Old Colony

Despite a political force of arms which finally enabled Governor Volpe to sign the Old Colony bill in time for

Legislature Authorizes Purchase of Old Colony

The Senate and the House resurrected yesterday what they had killed last week, as both approved Governor Volpe's bill to

Weaver Calls for Courage To Rebuild Central Cities

The man most likely to head President Kennedy's proposed Department of urban Affairs emphasized Friday night that initiative, responsibility, and

Senators Defeat Old Colony Bill, Stall Volpe Plan

Massachusetts' hopes for an effective express transit system to the South Shore and perhaps Harvard's designs for the Bennett St.