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Admissions Inquiry Winds Down

The Education Department is on the verge of handing down the results of its two-year investigation into whether Harvard illegally

Does High School Prepare for Harvard?

Dissatisfied with the high school preparation of some Harvard students, professors are being forced to reconsider the proper role of

Faculty to Examine Student Preparation

In response to concerns that incoming students have received insufficent academic preparation from their high schools, the Core Committee will

Congress Modifies Bill On Alcohol at Colleges

Easing its assault on underage drinking on college campuses, the Senate agreed late Thursday night to tone down proposed legislation

Not Just Hot Air

T HE president and the governors met for only two days at the education summit. Their intention was not to

Bush, Governors Set Education Priorities

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.--The first ever presidential education summit came to an end yesterday, as President Bush and the nation's 50 governors

HOLLIS Offers New Features

Harvard library employees worked through the summer in a continuing effort to enhance the University's year-old library computer directory system.

The QRR: Stumbling Toward the Future

It's part of the chaos that hits Harvard every year during orientation. For first-year students who are unpacking their belongings

Does the QRR Test Enough?

Every senior who marches down the aisles during today's Commencement Exercises has passed the Quantitative Reasoning Requirement (QRR), but Harvard

Ten-Year Review Focuses on Mechanics, Not Philosophy

From the academic right, left and center, Harvard's Core Curriculum has faced much criticism throughout its 10 years. But within

'54 Alums Chat About News

"You should tell your friend Oliver North to send arms to the good guys" in Beijing, quipped Boston Globe Publisher

Students Plan ROTC Protests

Protesting the Undergraduate Council's recommendation that Harvard restore special status for the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), approximately 75 students

Nunn Plan For Student Aid Draws Criticism

A Congressional bill that would eventually require students to complete at least one year of national or community service in

Bundy Talks of Need For Arms Reduction

Pressing economic needs and a new understanding about nuclear war will force the U.S. and the Soviet Union to complete

Strong Rhetoric Belies Modest Changes

After hearing President Bush's repeated assertions during the campaign that he would be the "education president," many educators said they