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Merging Political Activism and Public Service

At first glance, it might seem that for much of her life Rosa A. Ehrenreich has fallen into success by

I Know What Rape Is

H AVING BEEN singled out for crtiticism in Jon Eliot Morgan's March 8 editorial, "An Orwellian Nightmare" about the prevalence

Creatures From the Land Down Under

T HE yellow-bellied robin is always the first bird to wake in the mornings in the rainforests of northeastern Australia.

The Web of Character and Culture

Total Immersion By Allegra Goodman Harper & Row $16.95, 254 pp. T HERE is something about Allegra Goodman's collection of

What is the Right Thing & When Do You Do It?

M Y friends and I had been out *** when we got in the elevator. There were four of us,

Do the Right Thing: Go See This Movie

S PIKE Lee's Do the Right Thing is a disturbing movie. It is also powerful, thought-provoking and frightening. It is

Redefining the Term 'Let Down'

The Perfect Place Sheila Kohler Alfred A. Knopf 148 pp. $15.95 T HERE is a game some people play with

Harry and Sally: Consummating a Friendship

When Harry Met Sally... Directed by Rob Reiner At Harvard Square Theatre W HEN Sally first met Harry, she thought

New Dunster Masters Chosen

Bigelow Professor of Ichthyology Karel F. Liem and his wife, Hetty, a genetic engineer, last week became the new masters

Razo Guilty on 6 Counts, Plans to Appeal in August

A former Kirkland House resident was found guilty of six counts of armed robbery earlier this month by an Orange

Students Plan ROTC Protests

Protesting the Undergraduate Council's recommendation that Harvard restore special status for the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), approximately 75 students

Class of '89 Takes Another Test

Some seniors may have thought they would never have to take a standardized test again, but the members of the

Chase Nets Suspect

Police last night arrested a man after an eyewitness said he had vandalized a car and a streetlight control box

Epps, Who 'Resisted Strongly' in '69, Says He Has Mixed Emotions in '89

When several hundred student protesters marched into University Hall 20 years ago, then-Assistant Dean of the College Archie C. Epps

Mather Residents Debate Gay Issues

The outward manifestations of the debate are easily sighted: witness the pink triangles and blue squares posted in students' windows