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The Celtic Twilight

IN OUTLINING his moral code. Brendan Behan said" I respect kindness to human beings first of all, and kindness to

Child's Play

T HE MOST EVIDENT PROBLEM of this production is an environmental one. Katherine Kean's rendition of Ibsen's A Doll's House

Blood and Sex and Chivalry

H ERE INBOSTON, the most intriguing thing about John Boorman's Excalibur --the new film version of the legend of King

Happy Loving Couples

T HE ORIGINAL La Cage Aux Folles was a harmless, if subtly naughty delight. In fact, it could have made

Polanski Prettified

W HAT TESS needs is an introduction by Alistair Cooke. He'd lend Roman Polanski's lush adaption of Thomas Hardy's Tess

The Bronx Through Blue Eyes

C ALL IT THE Deer Hunter Quandary. In 1978, Micnael Cimino presented his "contemporary" epic of men at war--in this

Little Steps for Little Feet

W ELCOME to Tasty Meadows, the middle-American MunchkinLand where the massive shopping center is the primary gathering place, where television-watching

The Intelligent Rodent

W OODY ALLEN--in his quirky wisdom--spoke for at least two generations of disillusioned and neurotic Western intellectuals when he said,

Equine Delight

E QUUS IS dangerous dramatic territory. Its harsh terrain overflows with traps--gaping, bottomless craters of existentialism, sexual repression, and religious