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The Rise to Power of a Cambridge Lawmaker

If you asked any state legislator about Francis Xavier Aloysius Fagan today, chances are good that only a few would

A Liberal's Dilemma

T HEY MAY NOT BE able to tell you who will win tomorrow's gubernatorial race, but political analysts and election

CLT Emerges as Campaign Touchstone

Last week's primaries did more than just eliminate two of the four candidates vying to relieve Gov. Michael S. Dukakis

Keverian Criticized For Handling Of Tax Bills

As new indications of the state's worsening budget crisis continue to flood the State House on an almost daily basis,

Minority Leader Hits Right Note

The music of a political campaign can say a lot about the candidate. When politically beleaguered George Keverian '53 (D-Everett),

Keverian to Run for Treasurer

Rebuffing critics of his leadership style as Massachusetts House speaker and defending the ideals of the state Democratic party, George

Cities and Towns Feel the Burden of 21/2

Last fall, the town of Rockport in eastern Massachusetts needed money. Town administrators wanted to fund a new solid waste

Flashback or Glance Forward?

As thousands of Republicans statewide prepare to endorse a candidate for governor at the GOP convention this month, many party

En Route to the Convention: Picking Delegates

It was snowing. It was cold. But 85 Democratic voters braved the inclement weather Saturday afternoon to meet in the

Official Threatens More Local Aid Cuts

The administration of Gov. Michael S. Dukakis plans to freeze state aid to cities and towns throughout Massachusetts if the

State Leaders Look To Cut Local Funds

State funds for cities and towns across Massachusetts are likely to be cut if legislators and adminstrators on Beacon Hill

House Committee Chair Quits

Citing an inability to support a proposed $800 million tax package, the chair of the Massachusetts House Post Audit and

Keverian Presses Leadership for Tax Hike

House Speaker George Keverian '53 (D-Everett) and the House Ways and Means Committee are drafting an $800 million tax package

Dukakis, Lawmakers to Meet

Gov. Michael S. Dukakis will meet today with House and Senate leaders to discuss the state's financial crisis and present

Deposit Idea Removed From House Deficit Bill

BOSTON--In the second week of debate on a bill aimed at reducing the state's $730 million deficit, the House of