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This past October 4 marked the 20th anniversary of poet Anne Sexton's suicide. Two decades later, her extraordinary life and


BEST PICTURE *"The Fugitive"--It's truly an honor just being nominated... *"In the Name of the Father"--In the shadow of Schindler.

Madonna's 'Dangerous,' Is not

Dangerous Game Directed by Abel Ferrara at the Harvard Film Archive March 11 through 16 In an effort to prove

Bleeding Heartless

Romeo Is Bleeding directed by Peter Medak starring Gary Oldman, Lena Olin and Juliette Lewis With all the necessary trappings,

The Year of Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones/Heaven and Earth Benefit: Harvard Film Archive December 10 September, 1965. Harvard Yard, Harvard University. T he Class

Witness Guilty of Slow Pacing

Witness for the Prosecution directed by Justin Levitt at the Leverett Old Library December 9 through 11 Attending Witness for

Awkward Adolescence

Merlyn: A New Musical directed by Scott Schwartz produced by Emily Brodsky at the Loeb Mainstage through November 20 O

Worth Getting Caught In Thrilling Deathtrap

Deathrap by Ira Levin directed by Kaile Shilling at the Loeb Experimental Theater through November 6 Watching Deathtrap at the

Home Alone, for Real

King of the Hill directed by Steven Soderbergh Gramercy Pictures T hough not billed as a double-feature, director Steven Soderbergh's