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Kenyan Diplomat Urges Africans To Reject Labels, Avoid Delusion

Kenyan Ambassador Burudi Nabwera last night challenged Africans to free themselves from their own delusions as by the West during

Harvard Professors Help Draft Government Report Blasting Cigarette Danger

Two Harvard professors helped to draft the U.S. Surgeon General's report on "Smoking and Health" released Saturday. The report concluded

Willem A. Visser't Hooft

Last January the Christian Century noted with considerable concern that the man who has guided the World Council of Churches

Analysts Predict Few Changes by LBJ

Foreign policy and civil rights emerged--not surprisingly--as the big unanswered questions about the new President, Lyndon B. Johnson, as four

Harvard Plods to Win Over Cornell; Ohiri Scores Two in Shoddy Victory

The varsity soccer team contended with the wind, itself, and a "no win" Cornell strategy Saturday in its first League

Dunster Moves to Form Parietals Study Committee

The Dunster House Committee will take action tonight to form a student committee to discuss College parietal regulatices with members

Primary Vote Indicated White Discontent

Last Tuesday 124,000 Boston voters--or 41 per cent of those registered--gave a preliminary answer to a question of great interest

8000 Marchers in Roxbury Protest Segregation in City's Public Schools

More than 8000 Negroes and whites marched through Roxbury Sunday and gathered, to protest de facto segregation in Boston's public

Students to Man Rights Project Organized by Meredith Lawyer

Fifteen Harvard, Yale, and Columbia law students will work this summer on a civil rights project in Washington and in

Bea Sees New Progress Toward Unity

"The realization that we are all unified in Christ has really spread like wildfire," the president of the Vatican Secretariat

CEP Preparing Studies Of Examination Policy

The year-long discussion of examination policy within the Faculty Committee on Educational Policy is nearing an end, but it is

Tea Served to College Not Unlike the Charles

The tea served in the University dining halls has been found to have a bacteria content comparable to "a one

Authors Study French National Character

IN SEARCH OF FRANCE, by Stanley Hoffmann, Charles P. Kindleberger, Laurence Wylie, Jesse R. Pitts, Jean-Baptiste Duroselle, and Francois Goguel,

'Crimson' Aids Paper-Starved N.Y.C.

NEW YORK, Dec. 14--As the printer's union strike against New York's nine major newspapers entered its seventh day, the CRIMSON

Anthropologist Claims Concepts of Violence Are Now Invalid

Anthropologist Margaret Mead declared last night that moral arguments concerning the use of violence have been rendered "academic" by the