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Last weekend was an excellent one for Harvard, musically speaking. Among the least-advertised but most pleasurable events was a free

Great Garrich Ohlsson

GARRICK OHLSSON Symphony Hall BankBoston Celebrity Series Sunday, November 1,1998 On Sunday, renowned Chopin interpreter Garrick Ohlsson delivered the second

Feed Your Head: Metafalutin!

Directed by Jonno Deily-Swearingen '98 Produced by Tim Yu, Hsuan Hsu '98 and Susan Deily-Swearingen At Leverett Old Library Through

Ringing in the New Year With Booze, Babes and Bats

Even before the curtain went up, the Boston Conservatory's "Die Fledermaus," at the Emerson Majestic, offered a visual treat. Because

Interview With a Virtuoso: Pratt Discusses Life, Music, Glenn Gould

In an era rife with up-and-coming virtuoso pianists, Awadagin Pratt stands out. Frequently pegged as the Glenn Gould of our

Amazin' Awadagin Hits Boston

"Let no one say we chose a middle-of-the-road player." So said one of the judges of the 1992 Naumburg International

Lehmann Leads a Magical MSO

The MSO opened promisingly last Friday under a new conductor. Succeeding David Commanday, Robert Lehmann brings to the ensemble a

a bloody bacchae

Plutarch relates how, during a 53 B.C. performance of the Bacchae, the victorious Parthian general Sillaces approached the stage, carrying

A Severed Head

As Kathryn Walker is quick to admit, "staging Greek tragedy can be very hard to pull off." The 1997 Visiting