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Vassar Flunkee Claims Smoke Got In Her Eyes

Freshman Nancy Graber flunked out of Vassar College in the spring of 1970 because, she says, her roommate held all-night

Friday Register-In Set for Cambridge

At noon Friday, while the "big boys" are warming up their vocal chords at a similar rally in Boston, the

Ackerman, at a Candidates Meeting, Urges City to Let Students Register

Twenty-one Cambridge City Council candidates met with over 150 residents yesterday afternoon at the Peabody School, Linnean St., to discuss

Harvard Takes First Step Following Pond Drownings

Exactly 12 days after the drowning death of two small black children in Harvard's "Muddy Pond," administrative gears have swung

PL, SDS Members Stopped Payment On $1350 Paid for Fares to D.C.

At least 19 members of SDS and Progressive Labor paid the Greater Boston Peace Action Coalition for transportation to the

Two Drown in Harvard's 'Muddy Pond'

Bureacratic blindness-or inefficiency-may have been responsible for the drowning death of two small children Saturday in a crag-surrounded pond in

Vets End Rally at Capitol

Mitchell Predicts Violence Today (Special to the CRIMSON) WASHINGTON, D. C., April 23-Over 1000 Vietnam Veterans Against the War-representing half

Vets Lay Wreath in Arlington; Berger Upholds Camp Injunction

(Special to the CRIMSON) WASHINGTON, April 20-Kneeling quietly, their heads bowed and hands folded reverently, over 300 Vietnam Veterans Against

In Washington Vietnam Veterans to Protest the War

(Special to the CRIMSON) WASHINGTON, D. C., April 18- Dennis O'Brien, Roslindale High School class of '66, United States Marine