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The Murderer Remains a Mystery

Serial killers are the darlings of the press these days, and authors find these gruesome murderers equally attractive. Time for

Thesis Becomes a Dazzling Musical

Rarely does one's senior thesis attract so many spectators. But, then again, rarely is one's senior thesis as good as

Royal's Photographs Lack Depth

This collection of twenty-four photographs by artist Nancy Royal is arresting for the first eight or nine pictures but redundant

Student Art at Currier

Undergraduate artists at Harvard have a notoriously difficult time displaying their work. Only one student gallery is available, and it

Lesbian Art for a Change

Visible for a Change at the Lyman Common Room is an exhibit of lesbian art, or rather slides of 160

Morality and Children: Two Views

This year has seen an influx of morally unassailable products. Environmentally sound packaging and recycled computer paper have attracted both

Recycled Student Art

The Triptych Student Gallery opened its first show of the year shortly before Thanksgiving break and aptly called it a

Durang's Family Tragedy

Christopher Durang's The Marriage of Bette and Boo follows in the great American dramatic tradition of the family tragedy. This

Viewing Forms of Le Corbusier

Most of us think of Le Corbusier as an architect, renown for such prominent and ground-breaking edifices as Notre Dame