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The End of Apology

O NE THEORY STILL LINGERING in this twilight of the Me-Generation holds that apology is never necessary. If the results

The Mistake of the Union

I NTERPRETATIONS COME quickly and thickly in the wake of Ronald Reagan's State of the Union message. Together, we can

A Year Without Order

1 981 BEGAN by bringing 52 American hostages to the point of return and ended by bringing the Polish people

The NCAA Shame: Why Is Harvard

Like the prodigal child grown too big for its britches, the NCAA has turned nasty and slapped its parents in

From Tee to Green: A Christmas Tale

The holidays this year would be in Florida and next year, if all proceeded as planned, they would be in

Giamatti's Morals and the Majority

. . .I want there to be no doubt about what I believe. I think winning is important. Winning has

The Season Begins and Ends On Saturday

At 1 p.m. in New Haven on Saturday. Harvard and Yale will renew their un-paralleled rivalry for the 98th time.

Another Setback

Seven months after the vote, the results of the Medical Area unionization election finally became official this week. National Labor

What Price 'Victory'?

T AKE A LOOK around and witness the depths to which international affairs have sunk: Here, courtesy of a UPI

Unconventional Wisdom

The question before the House is whether Canada should have its own constitution, with a new Bill of Rights attached.

Readiness on (and off) the Gridiron

At Soldiers Field on Saturday. Dartmouth's Big Green(with envy) come to Cambridge to take on the Crimson gridders. One consequence

Union Looks Ahead To Med Area Vote

United Auto Worker affiliate District 65 continues to solicit support from Medical Area clerical and technical personnel in anticipation of

District 65's New Cause

The United Auto Worker (UAW) affiliate that has tried to unionize 850 Medical Area clerical and technical personnel for seven

Canadian Author Atwood Says U.S., Canada Must Cooperate

"America has riots; Canada has panel discussions on riots," Canadian author Margaret Atwood told about 250 people yesterday at the

British MP Perceives 'Threat'

John Browne, British Conservative member of parliament, said yesterday the new centrist alliance between Britain's Liberal Party and the recently