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If Mick Jagger's An Exile on Main St. .......Then I'm an Okie from Muskogee

A M RADIO can help you make it through some pretty tough times. When I'm tired enough, I can get

Bonnie Raitt

B ack in The Fifties, white rock and roll musicians rarely wrote their own material. While Chuck Berry, Little Richard

200 Motels

T his movie is about how touring on the road with a rock and roll band will make you crazy."--Frank

Some of the New Stuff

N ineteen sixty-four and sixty-five were amazingly fertile years for the creation of rock and roll myth figures. The Beatles,

Vinyl Sticky Fingers Don't Smash States

THE NEW Rolling Stones album was released two weeks ago and seemed like a pretty important event at the time.

Obscure Vinyl Some Nice Records

THE LAST year has been a pretty lean one for rock and roll freaks. No Beatles, no new Stones to

All Things Must Pass Living Without the Beatles

THERE WAS a time when, for many of us (particularly bored and wasted students), the release of new Beatles records