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Days of upheaval

F rustrated by the inconveniences wrought by their House renovations, a group of Dunster House seniors recently spearheaded a joke

Hart's Smoking Gun

M UCH HAS been made of Democratic Presidential aspirant Gary W. Hart's (D-Colo.) appeal to the emerging political bloc of

Reagan's Wing

S OCIAL SCIENTISTS await the opening of Presidential libraries with excitement, because each one--even Gerald Ford's--organizes and unveils important documents

Early Action Admissions Increase by 22 Percent

The number of students accepted early to the College rose 22 percent this year, and the proportion of minorities also

Hurt Freshman Improves; Taken Off Critical List

Margaret A. Cimino '87 has "significantly improved," and she is no longer in critical condition from injuries incurred after Saturday's

Yale hates Harvard; Harvard doesn't care

If, at my death, my executors, or more properly my creditors, find any precious MSS in my desk, men here

Myth and Reality

T HE CONTRAST could hardly have been stfarper. Washington D.C., Friday, September 30, 1983. More than 300 people crowded into


It started out as a simple request for a simple solution to a simple problem. And it came from the

A Man for All Seasons

Z ELIG is every bit the triumph people have raved it is, Witty, it is clearly innovative, with its documentary

The Emperor's Recovery

O NCE THERE WAS AN EMPEROR whose subjects were suffering. Many of his people were without jobs, many more could

Nuke Free Cambridge Drive Wins One, But Still Uncertain

Proponents of an initiative that would ban the manufacture of nuclear weapons in Cambridge won one legal battle this week,

A Day For King

HARVARD has never been big on throwing its institutional weight behind political causes. The most glaring case in point deals


I T STARTED OUT as a simple request for a simple solution to a simple problem. And it came from

Two Workplace Problems Get University Attention

In response to growing concern over the health effects of video display terminals. Harvard will this week circulate a set

Stenhouse Breaks Into the Majors

Mike Stenhouse '80, the leftfielder who logged several battling records during the three years he played in a Crimson uniform,