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Companies to Show Off Their Latest Gadgetry

When the Happy Hacker was still in junior high he went to his first computer show. They were a big

I'd Rather Be Graphing

The Happy Hacker is perplexed by something that he sees on campus--students spending me time on sports teams, student groups

Peaking at Apple's New Bushel

Sorry, but all of our public relations staff is at Appleworld. We'll have one of them call you back shortly."

Is Coors the One?

T HE MOST PUBLICIZED CORPORATE dispute in America sparked campus debate last week, as the Coors controversy came to Cambridge.

Library Lets You Try Before You Buy

Years ago, businesses began replacing their computers with large word processors. These dinosaurs, made by companies such as DEC, Lanier

Getting Something-for-Nothing Through Harvard

Most hackers don't have to write papers during finals; all they do is chew endless no-doz's and hand in final

Vermont's Best White Powder

Undeterred by the late afternoon's failing light on Sugarbush North's "Cliffs" trail, we skied down through the deep, light powder.

Making an IBM Compatible User Friendly is as Easy as BAT

Last week the Hacker was busy talking about Macintosh utilities. It's nice to have a program that can help the

A Handy Utility Program to Make Your Mac Shine

After a Christmas break of eggnog-induced hangovers and relative-induced headaches, the Happy Hacker has returned to campus without any of

Literary Hacker Strikes: Writing With a PC

"Interesting ideas, with some good supporting examples. Overall, however, your analysis is sketchy and repetitive. B-" The Happy Hacker was

Holiday Gift Ideas for That `Significant Other'

Every year around Christmas, most students who play the Secret Santa game find themselves in possession of too many 2

Tough Choices: Finding the Perfect Printer

The Happy Hacker hates making complicated decisions, such as deciding which computer to buy. Luckily, with computers, there are only

Too Much Money

I N THE 1986 Senate elections, the Democratic Party is the clear winner, with a gain of eight seats. Ronald

Stairway to Term Paper Heaven

The green-paneled, glass and steel home of the Office of Information Technology is as incongruous a place as any for

If Only the Series Were a Simulation ...

`Print your way to term paper heaven'--the words kept ringing in my ears like that awful music whick assaults the