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All Fools Day

The Saints TVT Records L IKE AMERICA, AUSTRALIA IS A melting-pot nation, populated by immigrants from various countries--including Ireland. It

Macho Cheese Dip

Extreme Prejudice at Cinema 57 T HE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CONscious parody of and simple misexection of a given film genre

Kings Of The Wild Frontier

Lemonheads, Bullet LaVolta and The Blake Babies at Adams House Dining Hall April 18 I F YOU MENTION SOMETHING ABOUT

Lemon Joy

Hate Your Friends Lemonheads to be released May 15 on Taang Records T HERE IS GOOD REASON TO BE PROUD

The Magic Gardner

N EITHER JAMES Joyce nor Thomas Mann ever rode around on a motorcycle. Although Joyce and Mann had some early

Liquid Assets

I NVESTMENTS. IN A COUPLE months I'll turn twenty-one and enter the world of adulthood. I'll probably buy a house,

Nessie, I Love You

Boo-Boo Big Dipper Homestead Records EP W HEN I FIRST SAW VOLCANO SUNS three years ago, they were a nascent


Invisible Hitchcock Robyn Hitchcock Relativity Records A N ARTIST'S UNRELEASED MATERIAL is usually better left that way. Usually out-takes from

You Want This Badly

skag heaven Squirrelbait Homestead Records I T SEEMS LIKE AGES AGO, BUT in reality it has been less than three