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Divorce-Kennedy Style

Sad indeed is the plight if the American Gaullist. You and I and Secretary McNamara alike have all been deprived

De Gaulle Is Like Mao

The United States seems to have inherited not only the mantle of British leadership in Western affairs, but also Britain's

Hoffmann Scores Tocsin

In a series of comments which will probably bring down a storm of wrath from local disarmament groups, Stanley Hoffmann

Manuel Ray

Political outlook is a complex of many factors, most of them unconscious and involuntary. Temperament, background, social and economic position,

Camus' Politics: A Door in the Wall

In one of the very few books Camus that is worth reading, Albert Maquet has written: "The of Albert Camus

The Pagnol Trilogy: Fanny

It all depends on how much you like drama. Drama entirely for its own sake--no message, no symbolism, no social

Realism and Thermonuclear Paranoia

There are exactly 186 years between the Declaration of Independence and the Inauguration of John F. Kennedy, and it can

Jazz on a Summer's Day

Doubtless inspired by Hollywood's success at integrating jazz and movies, a photographer named Bert Stern did some experimenting at the

'Cliffies Watch Debate on TV in Agassiz

It was in many ways typical of the tenor of the whole campaign. Kennedy sat with schoolboy composure, taking notes