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Chance & Necessity

Philosophy, according to Jacques Monod, is fiction. Science is reality. An analysis of life--or the meanings of life--therefore is fundamentally

How (Not) to Build a Science Center

It's a testament to the past, a monument to the future. As for the present, well, it's a mess. The

Marijuana Turning On

THERE'S finally a book about dope that you can unreservedly recommend to your parents. For that matter, Marihuana Reconsidered should

Oh Calley, Poor Calley

Observationsl: FREE CALLEY reads the bumper sticker (next to another reading "Don't Forget the POW's"). After all, war is war

Lethal in Large Doses Five Patients: The Hospital Explained

231 pp., $5.95. HOW COULD the author of The Andromeda Strain and Dealing write something like Five Patients? After all,

The Effects of Herbicide Use in Vietnam

(This is the second of a two-part feature. Part one appeared yesterday.) WHAT has been the impact of massive infusion

Herbicides in Vietnam

( This is the first in a two-part feature, Part two. "The Effects of Herbicide Use in Vietnam," will appear

I.F. Stone Says Military Undertow Is Dragging U.S. Into Deeper War

"I feel like I should be breaking windows," I. F. Stone admitted to a Harvard audience yesterday. "What I really

Men and Institutions The People us. Presidential War

THE INVASION of Laos points up two important shifts in the conduct of the war, one military and the other