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Selective Condemnation

"Y OU are hereby ordered for induction to the Armed Forces of the United States," read the memo I received

Can Argentina Make It Back?

A MERICANS generally moan and groan and vote incumbent presidents out of office on those rare occasions when the nation's

Don't Knock NATO

R EAD any of the latest scholarly journals and you'll notice a growing consensus among observers of the international scene

Mexico on the Brink

I f you think your three week's between Thanksgiving and Christmas are the epitome of pressure, think again. Think of

Is Harvard Just Another Big Landlord?

"We're a big fish in a small pond in Cambridge." Director of State Relations Richard J. Doherty. "In many ways,

A New Generation?

O NE of the more interesting statistics the University released yesterday in its study on College life was that interest

The Elephant Bucks A Maverick

P ERHAPS the most disturbing of last week's election results, aside from Dan Quayle ascending to the vice presidency, was

Student Center at Home

E ARLIER this month, the University announced that it had contracted an internationally renowned architectural firm to study the feasibility

Four More Years

T WO months ago, Lauro F. Cavazos, the nominee for Secretary of Education, was treated with little respect by his

Bennett, Bloom Seek Curricular Reform

A month after leaving his cabinet post, former Secretary of Education William J. Bennett hasn't given up on his crusade

Policy, Not Pandering

"R USHING to sign up for the war on drugs before next month's election," was how The Washington Post cynically

Duel Over Home Rule

I N an unprecedented encroachment on a city's spending prerogatives, Congress voted nearly two weeks ago to effectively end Washington

Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

L IKE most Americans, I tuned in last week to watch Vice President George Bush and Governor Michael S. Dukakis

Profs Examine Med School Plan

Two weeks after the announcement of a $30 million Harvard Medical School plan to market the discoveries of faculty members,

Bye, Bye Wild Bill

A FTER three-and-a-half years of controversy, Secretary of Education William J. Bennett yesterday left his Cabinet post in much different