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Moment of Truth

Francesco Rosi, who directed Moment of Truth, makes films with a message, and in this film the message arrives in

SDS-- Harvard's New Left--Feels 'Underprivileged' In Generation Which Prizes Making Own Decisions

"I don't know any of them. They're not my friends," remarked one clean-cut Harvard student as a Vietnam protest march

The Shop on Main St.

The past five years has seen a renaissance of the cinema in Eastern Europe, with most of the activity located

Poor Faulkner: This Collection Shouldn't Have Been Collected

One can well imagine that James B. Meriwether, the fine Southern critic who edited this collection of William Faulkner's Essays,

Our Secretary of State

When Arthur Schlesinger Jr. let loose his thunderbolt against Dean Rusk last Sunday, the liberal wing of the Democratic Party

A Choice I Made

A Choice I Made, a film about a group of Peace Corps volunteers in India, will surprise you. Made in

Diplomat Files His Complaints In One-Volume Suggestion Box

The life of a career diplomat in the United States Foreign Service varies from chasing llamas across the barren hills

Les Abysses

Les Abysses, based on the actual double murder committed in 1933 by the Papin sisters, was assured of a favorable

France's 'New Wave'; A Free, Bold Spirit

Now that the New Wave in the French cinema has finally run its course, critics both in Europe and this

A Woman is a Woman

Cambridge film-buffs should be especially happy to see the French New Wave pop out of the Brattle's thirteenth birthday cake.


The very idea of the Charles Playhouse staging Brecht's magnum opus, Galileo, might draw a gasp of astonishment. The play

Vietnam: LBJ's New Diplomacy

The present peace push stems from several indications of increased willingness to negotiate which came from Hanoi late this fall.

Negotiations: No Hope

The recent announcement that the United States will increase its commitment in Vietnam to the Korean-war level of 400,000 men

The Red Desert

Michelangelo Antonioni, in The Red Desert, has finally made a film which can be called entirely cinematic. With the added

Politics in Vietnam

Premier Ky of South Vietnam told a British reporter last summer that he had only one hero--Hitler--and that "Vietnam needed