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Harvard Students Turned Away From Polls

At least a dozen Harvard students who filled out voter registration forms in Massachusetts during last month's Institute of Politics

Tutors Cautiously Play Two Roles: Parent and Friend

From its earliest designs, Harvard's residential Houses were meant to integrate learning and living. But when House residents err--whether it

Onie Leaves Community Healthier After Years of Service

Rebecca D. Onie '97 never did community service during high school. But at Harvard, she helped turn her brainchild, Project

Tufts Student Group 'Derecognized,' Accused of Discrimination

As gays and lesbians at Harvard celebrated "Gaypril" with posters, dances and performances, students at Tufts University have been preoccupied

Faculty Donate Election Dollars

Professors' political views are often expressed subtly in class--one professor in a popular science lecture course told the class this

State Attorney General Considers Harvard Plan

Massachusetts State Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly is considering a new Harvard proposal to rescue the financially-troubled Harvard Pilgrim Health

The Converted

On a Saturday afternoon, James R. Salzmann '02 sits down to brunch in pressed khakis, a button-down shirt, and a

What's the Real Info?

Their presentations are as glossy as their full-page Crimson advertisements. Free food at posh hotels. Young professionals in business suits

Sidebar: Rating the Recruiting Process

Investment and consulting firms are in the business of selling images and ideas, and their information sessions are no different.