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Letter to the Editor: Correcting the Record on Potential Q Guide Updates

At no time was there discussion of using the Q to allow students to report “inappropriate behavior by teaching staff” as it relates to Title IX or other breaches of professional standards.

Concerns About Gen Ed Will Be Addressed, Despite Uncertainty

To the editors: Re: “General Consternation,” editorial, April 30. There are several errors of fact in the editorial series relating

Cavanagh's Hatred of Summers Transparent

To the editors: Professor of Psychology Patrick Cavanagh’s obvious hatred of University President Lawrence H. Summers has led him to

The Divestment Petition Demonizes Jews

In the hope of shifting the debate on divestment from Israel to the real issue—the nature of the divestment campaign—and

Give Curriculum More Rigor

A t this time of year, as many high school seniors are making decisions regarding college, I find myself asked