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Student Threatens to Sue University For Refund

A Summer School student is threatening to sue the University because the Summer School will not refund $775 in tuition

HEW Gives Harvard $300,000 to Save Old Books

The Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) this week gave Harvard $300,000 as part of a $6 million program

Bob Marley: The Rasta Wizard Puts on Ivy

If you block out all the answers and reasons and verbal explanations and just concentrate on the pure contradiction, it

Judicial Decision May Affect Assembly

The outcome of a legal battle at the University of North Carolina (UNC) to determine the constitutionality of allocating special

Harvard Opens Stadium For African Aid Benefit

Harvard will allow a group trying to raise money to aid liberation movements in Africa to use Soldier's Field stadium

Harvard Administrators Say Energy Costs Will Soon Soar

Harvard administrators yesterday said the University's energy costs will soar in the near future, but they cautiously predicted there will

The Boycott Movement

The name Nestle usually evokes sweet associations--chocolate bars, powdered flavorings for milk and instant soups. But the Nestle Corporation's role

Biko Fund Creator Urges Total Class Gift Boycott

The class of 1979 marshal who proposed the creation of the Steve Biko Memorial Fund urged seniors yesterday to boycott

Harvard Wins One, Loses Two In Ultimate Frisbee Matches

After an encouraging 21-10 victory over Brandeis, Harvard lost to Middlebury and Dartmouth in the New England regional Ultimate frisbee