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Single Daughter Seeks Single Father

M aybe you've toyed with the idea of placing a personal ad before. It's kind of cheesy, and yet... "Single

It's Easy To Forget To Do Nothing

It's only a few weeks into the semester, and already things are getting crazy. Homework is due, extracurriculars are swinging

Different Shades Of Red

In my last column, some readers may have noticed, there was a word that I actually didn't write. The word

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of the tight-rope walk between feminist and feminine. I spent much of

Tommy's & Noch's

Harvard students are notoriously nocturnal, as attested to by the fact that I am writing this column at 4:41 in

Local Ice Cream Chain Opens At New Mass. Ave. Location

Toscanini's, an ice cream shop that opened last week at 1310 Mass. Ave.--the location recently vacated by Ultimate Bagel--was doing

Formal Functions

So you finally caved in and bought a tux. Or you got your credit card bill for dinner at the

Animal Magnetism

Students at Harvard will go to great lengths for fur. Despite the warning of the Handbook for Students that "no

The Good, the Bad, and the Fluent

Students shop classes, check out syllabi and critique professors' lecture styles while deciding what courses to code into their study