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And That's the Truth

W HAT IS TRUTH? How does any person balance the conflicting values of truth and privacy? Must truth always be

A New Sister

O N OCTOBER 5, the first Monday in October, Sandra Day O'Connor will formally become the first female justice of

A True Forum?

T HE CRIMSON should have printed the advertisement from Screw magazine. It should have done so with distaste but in

Prisoners of Peace

W AR IS HELL. But peace is worse; it has all of the violence of war with no prospect of

Through a Glass Darkly

W HAT IS THE FUNCTION of memory in ressurrecting the children we once were, the personalities we abandoned long ago?

Bosworth Cites Severe Unemployment, Recession as Costs of Lower Inflation

The problem of inflation has gotten so severe that all cures are beginning to look worse than the disease, Barry

Yugoslav President Tito Dies at Age 87

Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito died yesterday after developing new heart trouble. He was 87 years old. Tito died soon

Cooling Leak Spews Gas Through Gutman Library

A leak in a valve in the air conditioning system in the Gutman library spewed noxious fumes throughout the building