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SPH Professor Examines Health Care in Hong Kong

Dr. William Hsiao, a School of Public Health (SPH) professor and ardent critic of inefficiencies in the US health care

EPA Urges Universities to Better Manage Waste

Doctors, researchers and officials from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) convened yesterday at Harvard Medical School (HMS) to discuss ways

HMS Study Focuses On `Andro'

Media coverage of Mark McGwire's 70-home-run summer focused national attention on everything from his sock color to his typical breakfast.

Folkman's Cancer Cure Research Finally Duplicated by Government Lab

For Harvard Medical School (HMS) Professor M. Judah Folkman--once touted as the man who would cure cancer, then maligned when

Countway Library Under Construction

Although the exposed wires and temporary light fixtures indicate that the Countway Library of Medicine is under heavy construction, the

AIDS Tests at HMS Dealt Major Setback

A vaccine designed to provide immunity against HIV actually infects animal test subjects, researchers at the Harvard Medical School (HMS)

Domestic Partner Benefits Stir Controversy

Frederick T. Long is fed up. The 71-year-old resident of South Boston does not want his tax dollars supporting people

Seton, Redmond Unite Behind Stewart Vision

Noah Z. Seton '00 and Kamil E. Redmond '00 have taken disparate paths to their Undergraduate Council candidacy, but they

Professor Defends Cancer Findings

Harvard Medical School Professor M. Judah Folkman was the subject of much media fanfare in May, when his groundbreaking cancer