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Marius To Act As Adams Master

Richard C. Marius and Lanier Smythe will become acting co-masters of Adams House when current Adams House Master Robert J.

Jacobsen Reaches for the Stars in Chemistry

In the world of organic chemistry, few scientists have accomplished so much so fast as Professor of Chemistry Eric N.

Chomsky Discusses Peace Process

MIT linguistics professor Noam Chomsky expressed his views on relations between Israelis and Palestinians as well as the role of

K-School Student Awarded Rhodes

The 1996 Rhodes Scholarship for the Canadian province of British Columbia has been presented to Rouzbeh Pirouz, a second-year student

Students Set to Rally for Financial Aid

As both houses of Congress continue to include student aid cuts among measures to reduce the federal deficit, more than

New Pub to Open in Square

Harvard Square will soon be the home of the Brew Moon, a restaurant that will specialize in hearty food and