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Paxton: On Axing Apathy

OPULAR MUSIC serves as the timepiece of our decade, measuring attitudinal changes just as a watch compartmentalizes the day. A

Hair and Now

P EOPLE CONSTANTLY TALK about the good old days. A few years ago, they reminisced about the flatulent fifties, a

A Habit Worth Breaking

N OTHING IS SACRED ANYMORE; what with Watergate and the ongoing protest of radical priests in America, both politics and

Your Money or Your Wife

G OSSIP IS the favorite American pastime, and Rolling Stone magazine is its chief practitioner in the rock music galaxy.

Passable Strangers

W E'RE ALL FRUSTRATED, mentally," bemoans one of the characters in Passing Strangers, an original musical production by undergraduate Andrew

See Spot Steal

C RIME DOESN'T PAY. At least that's what the post-Watergate flurry of indictments, CIA bugs hidden in chandeliers, and James

Browne's Bobbling

L ISTENING TO Jackson Browne is like bobbing for apples--choice morsels are there, but his peculiar mixture of poignancy and