Mr. Welsh's Work in Indian Reform.

Mr. Herbert Welsh is the son of Hon. John Welsh who preceeded Mr. Lowell as minister to the Court of St. James. In graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in '71, he devoted himself to art with considerable success. From this, however, he was soon drawn away to philanthropic work which has since absorbed all his time and attention. Mr. Welch is himself a marked instance of what can be done by a young man who devotes himself to our line of philanthropic statesmanship. For since graduating from college he has as much as any one man in the country brought the Indian question before the people, and has made himself one of the best authorities in all questions relating the Indians. He has travelled and lived among the Indians and has in many ways made himself felt in Congress and the Interior department. The crisis in the condition of the Indians, the pressure of civilization, the destruction of game, the breaking up of Tribal relations, have pressed our government to some decided action as is seen in the president's message, and will be felt in the coming Congress. The present condition of the Indian Civil Service is also engaging the attention of the Civil Reform Association, and it is in this cause that Mr. Welsh will speak in Sanders Theatre to-night.