Columbia Accepts the Chess Club Challenge.

On March 28 the Crimson published this challenge:

To the Secretary of the Columbia University Chess Club:

Dear Sir:

The Harvard University Chess Club challenges the Columbia Chess Club for the intercollegiate challenge chess cup, the games to take place as stipulated in the Deed of Gift.

Sincerely yours,THORNDIKE SPALDING,Sec'y of the H. U. C. C.On April 4 the following reply was received:

To Thorndike Spaulding:

Dear Sir:

On behalf of the Labourdonnais Chess Club of Columbia College I accept, under the Deed of Gift, the challenge received through you from the Harvard University Chess Club for the challenge cup.

Very truly yours,E. W. LIBAIRE,Sec'y of L. C. C.Chairman of the Committee on Tournments and Challenges.