Cambridge Social Union.

The Cambridge Social Union has recently resumed the charitable work which it has quietly carried on for a number of years past. The object of the Union is to provide instruction for men and women who have had no opportunity to obtain an education. Professor Rodney Howard of the University of Wisconsin, and now making botanical researches at Harvard, will assist in teaching this year.

The instructors are students of Harvard and Radcliffe, and the courses comprise advanced as well as elementary studies. The curriculum includes English, debating, elocution, French, German, Latin, Greek, Spanish, Italian, history, current events, drawing, book-keeping, shorthand and typewriting. The following Harvard men will give courses this year: S. W. Batchelder 1L., F. C. Todd '00, R. C. Hatch '00, E. B. Hilliard '00, W. N. Seaver '00, H. Linenthal '00, W. D. Lambert '00, S. G. Welligton '00, A. W. Cooper '01, B. S. Welsch '01, G. B. Collier '01, W. F. Williams '01, K. B. Emerson '02.