Winners of Prizes and Deturs, and of First and Second Group Scholarships.

Following is a complete list of the winners of academic prizes and deturs, and of the holders of scholarships of the first and second groups for the year 1901-02:

Bowdoin Prizes.


Robert Mearns Yerkes, A. M., The Prize for Graduates.

Alain Campbell White '02, First Prize for Undergraduates.

Harold Witter Bynner '02, Second Prize for Undergraduates.


Joseph Harrison Cole, A.M., The Prize for Graduates, Latin Prose.

Dean Putnam Lockwood '03, Latin Prose.

Dean Putnam Lockwood '03, Greek Prose.

Boylston Prizes for Elocution.


Roderic Wellman '03.


Harold Witter Bynner '02.

Orville Gish Frantz '03.

Leslie Pinckney Hill '03.

Pasteur Medal.

(Awarded to the most effective speaker in the final inter-class debate upon a subject taken from contemporary French politics).

Arthur Black '03.

Coolidge Debating Prizes.

(Awarded to the most effective speaker at each set of trials to select a team to debate with Yale or with Princeton).

Isador Grossman '02, on leave of absence, registered in the Law School.

John Haynes Holmes '02, on leave of absence, registered in the Divinity School.

Sales Prize.

(For excellence in Spanish composition).

James Francis Conlin '03.

Ricardo Prize Scholarship.

(For advanced students in Political Economy).

Robert William Magrane '04.

Philip Washburu Prize.

(For the best thesis on a historical subject presented by a successful candidate for honors in history).

Roland Greene Usher A.B.

George B. Sohier Prize.

(For the best thesis presented by a successful candidate for honors in English or in Modern Literature).

George Clarkson Hirst '02.

Sargent Prize.

(For the best metrical translation of a lyric poem of Horace).

Sydney Cornwall Legh '04.

Second-Year Honors in Classics.

Charles Winfield Brown '03.

Walter Carl Cleveland '03.

Elmer Elbert Craig '04.

Francis Howard Fobes '04.

Walter Penfield Harman '04.

Charles Butler Loughead '03.

Chandler Rathfon Post '04.

Kendall Kerfoot Smith '04.

George Stanley Stevenson '03


Walter Eugene Clark '03.

Charles Foster Lovejoy '04.

Second-Year Honors in Mathematics.


John Belton Horne '04.

Final Honors in Semitic Languages and History.

Abraham Solomon Waldstein.

Final Honors in Sanskrit.

Truman Michelson.

Final Honors in Classics.

Hermann Theodor Fick.


Alfred Mitchell Dame.

Arthur Stanley Pease.

Final Honors in English.

Harold Witter Bynner.

Robert Montraville Green.


George Clarkson Hirst.

Final Honors in Romance Languages and Literature.

Alain Campbell White.

Final Honors in Philosophy.

Arthur Stone Dewing.

William Hughes Mearns, Ph.B.

Final Honors in History and Government

Walter Harold Claflin.

Joseph Aloysius Love.


Roland Greene Usher, A.B.

Final Honors in Political Science.

Charles Newcomb Baxter, S.B.

George Randall Lewis.

Albert Benedict Wolfe.

Final Honors in Music.

Henry Leroy Stone, A.B.

Final Honors in Chemistry.

Fletcher Beach Holmes.


Henry Avery Carlton.


(Deturs are books, purchased with the income of a fund left by Edward Hopkins, born in 1600, which are awarded to those whose names appear for the first time in the list of scholars of the first group).

CLASS OF 1903.

George Plimpton Adams.

Philip Bancroft.

Stuart Blaikie.

Walter Eugene Clark.

Fritz Sage Darrow.

Ferdinand Irving Haber.

Henry Wyman Holmes.

Jesse Knight, Jr.

James George Patterson.

Conyers Read.

Clinton Cyrus Scheffy.

CLASS OF 1904.

Edwin Hale Abbot, Jr.

Arthur Atwood Ballantine.

Cecil Barnes.

Anson Wood Belding.

Percy Williams Bridgman.

Richard Townsend Henshaw.

Charles Phillips Huse.

Francis Wayland Johnston.

Ralph Hayward Keniston.

William Cullen Keough.

Curtis Edmunds Lakeman.

Charles Foster Lovejoy.

David Aloysius McCabe.

William Henry Nelson.

Mahlon Fay Perkins.

Kendall Kerfoot Smith.

Samuel Alfred Welldon.

Max William Wolff.

CLASS OF 1905.

Harry Louis Frevert.

James Abram Goldthwaite.

Lewis Wendell Hackett.

Eugene Arthur Hecker.

Frank Richardson Mason.

Gustavus Hill Robinson.

Francis Wolson Snow.

Sidney James Watts.

Scholars of the First Group, 1901-02.

(John Harvard Scholarships, without income, are awarded to those who, not having applied for other scholarships, are deemed worthy of a position in the first group). E. H. Abbot, Jr., '04,  John Harvard G. P. Adams '03,  Kirkland J. M. Adams '03,  Richard Augustine Gambrill, Palfrey Exhibition A. A. Ballantine '04,  Bright, Wendell Phillips Memorial P. Bancroft '03,  John Harvard C. Barnes '04,  John Harvard E. DeT. Bechtel '03,  Price Greenleaf A. W. Belding '04,  Bowditch E. Bernbaum '03,  John Harvard S. Blaikie '03,  Bowditch P. W. Bridgman '04,  Saltonstall W. E. Clark '03,  William Samuel Eliot E. E. Craig '03,  Ruluff Sterling Choate F. S. Darrow '03,  John Harvard C. T. Derry '03,  Lady Mowlson G. A. England '03,  Matthews R. Ernst '03,  John Harvard J. A. Field '03,  John Harvard F. H. Fobes '04,  John Harvard H. L. Frevert '05,  Jacob Wendell H. R. Gardner '03,  Bowditch C. W. Gilkey '03,  Class of 1802 J. A. Goldthwaite '05,  Bowditch J. I. Gorfinkle '03,  Price Greenleaf F. I. Haber '03,  John Harvard L. W. Hackett '05,  Bowditch E. A. Hecker '05,  Bowditch R. T. Henshaw '04,  John Harvard H. W. Holmes '03,  Bowditch C. P. Huse '04,  Bowditch F. W. Johnston '04,  Slade R. H. Keniston '04,  Price Greenleaf W. C. Keough '04,  Bowditch J. Knight, Jr., '03,  Bowditch C. E. Lakeman '04,  Bowditch G. B. Laubenstein '03,  John Harvard A. Locke '04,  Price Greenleaf D. P. Lockwood '03,  Price Greenleaf C. F. Lovejoy '04.,  John Harvard D. A. McCabe '04,  Farrar J. J. Mahoney '03,  Price Greenleaf F. R. Mason '05,  Bowditch W. H. Nelson '04,  Warren H. Cudworth J. G. Patterson '03,  Bowditch M. F. Perkins '04,  Price Greenleaf H. T. Poland '03,  Price Greenleaf C. R. Post '04,  John Harvard C. Read '03,  John Harvard A. L. Richards '03,  John Harvard G. H. Robinson '05,  Bowditch C. C. Scheffy '03,  Price Greenleaf K. K. Smith '04,  John Harvard F. W. Snow '05,  Bowditch G. S. Stevenson, Jr., '03,  Class of 1856 E. Swift '03,  Bowditch C. H. Walker '03,  Hodges R. S. Wallace '04,  Price Greenleaf S. J. Watts '05,  Bowditch S. A. Welldon '04,  Bowditch M. W. Wolff '04,  Bowditch

Scholars of the Second Group, 1901-02.

(Harvard College Scholarships, without income, are awarded to those who, not having applied for other scholarships, are deemed worthy of a position in the second group). C. W. Annable '05,  Bright C. G. Bachrach '05,  Harvard College S. Baird '03,  Harvard College F. V. Barstow '04,  William Whiting E. H. Beals '04,  Bassett A. S. Beatman '03,  C. L. Jones W. S. Bedal '03,  Harvard College A. L. Bennett '04,  Harvard College H. W. Bennett '05,  Harvard College H. Bergson '04,  Burr J. W. Blanchet '05,  C. L. Jones E. Boardman '04,  Dana W. R. Bowie '04,  Harvard College C. W. Brown '03,  Story F. W. Catlett '04,  Harvard College F. A. Chudoba '04,  Class of 1814 J. N. Clark '05,  Harvard College W. E. Cobb '05,  Bartlett F. L. Collins '04,  Harvard College J. Danicls '04,  Harvard College H. S. Deming '05,  Harvard College R. P. Dietzman '05,  Harvard College L. C. Doyle '04,  Sales C. Khlermaun, Jr., '05,  Harvard College *H. C. Farrington '05,  Harvard College G. H. Fernald, Jr., '08,  Harvard College E. Field '04,  Price Greenleaf Fund N. C. Foot '03,  Harvard College E. Freedman '03,  Harvard College E. C. Froehlich '03,  Hurr C. H. Frost '05,  Harvard College A. H. Gale '05,  C. L. Jones J. L. Galey '05,  Harvard College W. W. Gallagher '04,  Henry Bromfield Rogers J. E. Gardner '04,  Class of 1856 R. C. Griffin '04,  Sales M. E. Grush '03,  Burr M. Hale '03,  Harvard College J. H. Hall '03,  George Emerson Lowell C. J. Hambleton '04,  Harvard College J. A. Hare '05,  Harvard College F. H. Haskell '05,  Harvard College E. M. Hill '03,  Harvard College G. S. Holden '04,  Harvard College C. H. Howe '04,  Orlando W. Doe G. Johnson '03,  Harvard College H. P. Johnson '05,  Harvard College I. B. Joralemon '05,  Bigelow H. M. Kallen '03,  C. L. Jones H. Kangisser '04,  Class of 1828 J. Lebowich '05,  Harvard College P. M. Lewis '04,  C. L. Jones C. B. Loughead '03,  George Emerson Lowell S. J. Lubin '04,  Harvard College R. W. Lynn '04,  Class of 1835 E. R. McCarthy '04,  Walcott N. S. McKendrick '04,  1-2 John Appleton Haven W. A. McLaughlin '03,  Rebecca A. Perkins R. W. Magrane '03,  C. L. Jones I. I. Mattuck '05,  Sewall L. Mayer '05,  Harvard College J. A. Moody '05,  Burr C. D. Murphy '04,  Price Greenleaf Fund G. A. Newman '03,  Harvard College S. H. Nichols '05,  Sewall C. M. Olmsted '03,  Harvard College W. A. Openhym '05,  Harvard College D. Parson '05,  Harvard College H. Raymond '05,  Class of 1877 A. F. Reed '04,  Bright J. A. Reeves '05,  Matthews V. A. Remy '03,  Harvard College H. R. Bobbins '04,  Harvard College J. J. Rogers '04,  Harvard College P. E. Sabine '03,  Harvard College C. A. R. Sanborn '05,  Bowditch L. Sargent '05,  Harvard College L. H. Schoff '04,  Harvard College H. W. Schurr '05,  Bigelow C. H. Scovell '03,  Hilton J. A. Sharp '05,  Bassett H. O. Smith '03,  Bassett L. E. Snowman '04,  Burr C. L. Staples '05,  Burr T. L. Stoddard '05,  Harvard College P. F. Strout '03,  Class of 1888 F. B. Thompson '03,  Harvard College W. C. Titcomb '04,  Harvard College W. Tyng '05,  Class of 1817 A. P. Usher '04,  Harvard College E. R. Vinal '04,  1-2 John Appleton Haven T. M. Ware '03,  Harvard College C. C. Washburn '05,  Harvard College F. A. Waterhouse '05,  Harvard College J. H. Weil '05,  Harvard College S. Whitaker '03,  Harvard College C. C. Woodside '03,  Benjamin D. Greene *Died July 17, 1902AS OF THE YEAR 1900-01. E. H. Abbot, Jr., '04,  Harvard College